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Baccarat: The name of a popular casino card game. ‘Baccarat’ is also the worst hand in the game with a score of 0.

Baccarat en Banque: A variation of Baccarat.

Banco: A word proclaimed by a player who wishes to bet the entire bankroll. ‘Banco’ is also another term for bank.

Banker bet: To bet that the hand of the ‘banker’ will win the round.

Bankroll: The amount of money a player brings to a game.

Best baccarat bet: A bet placed on the hand of the ‘banker’ where there is a 45 per cent chance to win (the highest probability).

Chemin-de-fer: A variation of baccarat.

Cheval: In some baccarat games, there is a rule allowing a player to hold two hands. If the player wins both hands, then that player wins the round. If only one had is won, then there is a tie.

Commission: The percentage of the winnings that the house takes as its profits. In baccarat, this is typically 5 per cent.

Coup: One round in a game of baccarat.

Croupier: In baccarat the dealer is often referred to as the ‘croupier’. This is the person who will deal out the cards and be in charge of the deck during the game.

Dealer: A house employee who takes and pays bets to the players and is also in charge of the cards. See ‘croupier’.

Down card: A card that is dealt and stays face down until the play has been called.

Face cards: The four Jacks, Queens and Kings of any suit in a 52-card deck.

High roller: A person who makes very large bets.

House-edge: The advantage towards winning that a house gains depending on the odds.

Mini-baccarat: A variation of baccarat that uses a smaller table, similar to a blackjack table, and is often found in smaller casinos.

Muck: The pile of discarded cards which are kept next to the dealer and include those hands that have been folded.

Natural: A hand where the first two cards are either 8 or 9.

Player bet: To bet that the hand of the ‘player’ will win the round.

Punto: A term used to describe the player.

Punto banco: Another term for the game of baccarat.

Shoe: A tool used by the dealer to hold the full decks of cards. The shoe is usually in the form of a box with an area from which to slide the cards.

Shooter: Another term for bank in baccarat.

Shuffle up: The act of the dealer or ‘croupier’ shuffling the cards before the round begins.

Super Pan Nine: A variation of baccarat.

Streak: The term used to describe a run of wins (or losses).

Tie bet: A bet that the ‘banker’ hand and the ‘player’ hand will have the same totals.

VIP: Stands for very important person which is usually a high roller in a casino.

Upcard: Any card that is dealt and displayed face up on the table for everyone to see.

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Baccarat Dictionary

Baccarat: The name of a popular casino card game. ‘Baccarat’ is also the...

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