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Online Baccarat vs Casino Baccarat

There are a number of differences between playing baccarat at a land based casino and playing baccarat online.

Here are just a few worth mentioning:

  • Some land based casinos allow baccarat players to deal the cards in turn and others have a casino dealer to deal the cards. In online baccarat, however, the cards are dealt automatically by a virtual dealer.
  • In a land based casino, two cards are dealt face down, while in an online casino the cards are dealt face up.
  • Some online casinos play the game with a single deck of cards, which is unusual in land based casinos.

Some advantages to online baccarat include the following:

  • Many online casinos are multilingual so that more people from other countries may enjoy the game.
  • Many online casinos accept multiple currencies thereby removing the confusion of playing with an unfamiliar currency.

Baccarat vs. Other Online Casino Games

There are two major advantages of baccarat over other online casino games. First, baccarat is the simplest game to play. A player does not need to have an in-depth knowledge of the rules to be successful, making baccarat the perfect choice for the novice gambler. Secondly, the house has the smallest advantage of any online game. Both land based casino baccarat and online baccarat have a very low house edge.

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